Fee Schedule

OnlineRME & SkipThePaper Fee Schedule

The following fee schedule is all of our Fee's. If it is not listed here it does not exist.

OnlineRME Reporting Fees: $3.00 USD

This includes:

  • Septic Service Reports
  • Tank Pumping Reports
  • Sampling Reports

* OnlineRME Follow-up Septic Service Report fees are waived so long as the company entering the follow-up report has entered and paid for a report fee on the same property for the same system within the past 6 months.

OnlineRME ~ FOG Reporting Fees: $3.00 USD

This includes:

  • FOG Cleaning Reports

* The annual reporting fee for FOG Cleaning is capped at 12 dollars per facility, per rolling year, per company.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance Fees: $0.00 USD

Additional Fees: There may come a time when some custom software is needed and no-one else will use the new features. In that case we may need to charge an hourly rate to develop it. Our hourly rate is currently $120.00 USD.

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